We are the leading trading company in Thailand. We are agent,distributor and importer. Our company was established in 1986. Our products are Valves, Actuator, Rubber flexible joint, Pipeline pigging equipment, etc. We supply our products to general industry, HVAC, oil & gas, Petro-chemical, exploration&production. With a very long time experience in industrial product, we can select only the high quality manufacturer from overseas to supply a good quality product to us.

We have imported our products from the manufacturer in Asia that do OEM for the famous brand from USA, Europe. So, we have a good quality products with a competitive price. That is the reason why we can supply the good quality products at the competitive price to our client. Pipeline pigging equipment (Pig Launcher/Receiver, Closure, Hi-T Pig alert) brand G.D. from U.K is a high quality product that we supply to the famous company for Oil & Gas, Exploration & Production in Thailand.